Building With Nova
Scotia Pride & Ingenuity

CP Cottages redefines home construction, prioritizing safety, quality, and sustainability from the first sketch to the final nail. Our designs seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality to accommodate the evolving needs of growing families, creating spaces that foster connection and warmth. 

Phase One is
Planning & Design

Preparation of all necessary architectural plans and specifications, septic design and other engineering that may be required; i.e., geotechnical, civil, structural, etc. CP Cottages can apply for and obtain a Development Permit and a Building Permit on behalf of our client if construction is to proceed as soon as possible.

Phase Two is

CP Cottages will provide a fixed price quotation to construct the cottage based on the plans and specifications from the Phase One design. This quotation will include the screw pile foundation, building envelope, exterior finishes, windows, doors, interior partitions and finishes, plumbing, HVAC and electrical.

Our Designs

Building A Legacy

Crafting Lasting
Relationships and Legacies

Beyond blueprints, we build relationships by understanding your unique dynamics, aspirations, and dreams. This personal touch transforms structures into vessels of cherished family legacies. We tailor each project for economical fairness and ingenuity.

Building With Nova Scotia Pride & Ingenuity

Embrace the sunrise; a new day, a new way.


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